Just a short trip over the bridge lies the Versailles Gardens and the Cloisters. Did you know that the garden and cloisters were originally a part of a French Monastery? The structure was built in the 12 or 13 century in Montrejau France by the Augustinian Order. Most people think it was built in the 14 century but according to the inscription at the site it was between the 12 or 13 century. The cloisters was purchased by William Randolph Hurst an American newspaper publisher in the 1920’s, disassembled, brought to America and it was put in storage. He also, around the same time brought in a Spanish monastery that now sits assembled in north Miami. The cloisters caught the eye of a close friend by the name of George Huntington Hartford II. Although he rarely used his first name George bought the disassembled stones and had them re assembled on his newly bought island in the Bahamas called Hog Island, renamed Paradise Island in 1959. This structure is one of four to ever in history to be removed from French soil. About the grounds are various statues made of marble and bronze. The most seen statue is of a woman covering her mouth aptly names Silence. The Cloisters is a part of the One and only Ocean Club it was re assembled by J.J. Castremanne in 1968.

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